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Representing Graphs in C++

How to represent graphs in C++
Todays one of the most important topic is Graph theory. Maybe someone of you wouldn't be familiar with it, is yes then go to there go to programming books and there you can find Kenneth Rosen Discrete Mathematics books just download it and 10, 11th paragraphs about graphs. You must read for understanding today's lesson. Sometimes in my website cause some errors (it is developing) if yes then contact me my_email and I will send you the book.
Now let's speak about graphs:
Graphs are used everywhere:  in websites, in social media apps (such a Facebook), telephone calls and so on. If in future you want to write great applications you must know about graphs and also implement them.
The basic terms of graphs are vertices(plural) and vertex(single), degree of graph deg(G), neighborhood of graphs (adjacency of graphs), simple graphs, loops and so on.

For better understanding I want to show …